Technical Information

Steel Used in ZBAR

All common grades that meet ASTM A 615 and/or A 706.


ASTM Specifications

ZBAR meets ASTM A 1055-10e1 requirements.  Please register for or Log on to MyZBAR to view the specifications or Click here to request the specifications via postal mail.

ZBAR Bond Strength

ZBAR has been evaluated by ASTM tests (A 944) that prove its bond strength in concrete. For design purposes, development and lap lengths for ZBAR pulled at 95.9% of black uncoated bar (minimum requirement is 85%).  Please register for or Log on to MyZBAR for the University of Kansas Center for Research report prepared by David Darwin, Ph.D., P.E.

Materials Safety Data Sheet

Please register for or Log on to MyZBAR to download the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).



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