Highways and Bridges

ZBAR-reinforced bridges have staying power.
The combination of cracked concrete, chlorides and moisture provide an ideal environment for corrosion, and corrosion means high maintenance and replacement costs in bridges reinforced with standard rebar.
Before ZBAR, stainless steel was the standard for harsh marine environments. Now, ZBAR provides a proven economical alternative to stainless steel that is equally effective at corrosion protection. ZBAR’s dual layers of corrosion protection provide an estimated 100-year life.

Protect your legacy. Specify ZBAR.

Sample highway and bridge projects:

Project:  Holston River Middle Fork Bridge
Location:  Glade Spring, VA

Contractor: Thomas Construction Company

Engineer:  Virginia Department of Transportation

Project:  J.E."Buck"Karnes Bridge, Alcoa Highway over the Tennessee River (bike/pedestrian path)
Location: Knoxville, TN
Contractor: Mountain States
Engineer: Tennessee Department of Transportation
Location: Jefferson County, KY
Contractor: Faulkner Construction
Engineer: Kentucky Department of Transportation – Alan Frank Section
Location: Hampton, NH
Engineer: New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Project: Resting Tree Drive over Beaver Creek

Location: Bristol, VA

Contractor: Thomas Construction

Engineer: Virginia Department of Transportation


Project: Route 83 over Pound River

Location: Pound, VA

Contractor: Ken Construction

Engineer: Virginia Department of Transportation


Project: Mill Creek Bridge

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC (Horry County)

Contractor: Cape Romain Contractors Inc

Engineer: South Carolina Department of Transportation

Project: Wisconsin Avenue Bridge over the Milwaukee River

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Owner: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Contractor: Edward Kraemer & Sons

Engineer: Collins Engineers Inc


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