Problem: Corrosion | Solution: ZBAR


Build for a lifetime, supported by the rebar that will protect your investment and your reputation – your legacy. Build with ZBAR.
ZBAR, a division of Gerdau, is rebar with a difference: a unique corrosion prevention system that withstands the elements and endures the test of time – an estimated 100 years. ZBAR addresses a costly problem: Structure maintenance and replacement costs in the United States due to corrosion top more than $275 billion annually.
Utilizing proven technologies and tested by independent researchers at the Virginia Transportation Research Council, University of South Florida and the University of Kansas Center for Research, ZBAR reinforcing bar is effective in lowering life cycle cost of concrete bridges, buildings and other structures in the harshest environments and where chlorides exist.
ZBAR is compliant with ASTM A 1055-10e1 and has superior cost-benefit performance compared to other high-performance products. Like stainless steel, ZBAR allows structural engineers to specify with confidence and protect their legacy for a century of corrosion prevention. And unlike proprietary products, ZBAR is readily available for use in your next project.
Protect your legacy. Specify ZBAR.



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