ZBAR Advantages

ZBAR Protects Your Structure

Utilizing proven technologies and tested by independent researchers, ZBAR is as effective as stainless steel against corrosion in concrete bridges, buildings and other structures in the harshest environments and where chlorides exist.

Unlike galvanizing and other rigid coatings, ZBAR can be fabricated after the protective polymer layer is applied.  The dual layers are applied to the reinforcing steel and then fabricated to the project's specifications. ZBAR makes it easy to incorporate corrosion prevention into your next infrastructure design.

ZBAR Protects Your Budget

ZBAR's competitive initial cost and estimated 100-year life make it the most economical high-performance reinforcing steel product on the market.

ZBAR is a fraction of the cost of stainless steel and has nearly equivalent corrosion-prevention qualities. ZBAR provides lower initial cost as well as excellent corrosion resistance, which extends the life of bridges and buildings and lowers maintenance and replacement costs over a structure's life.

In the U.S., structure maintenance and replacement costs due to corrosion top more than $275 billion annually. ZBAR's corrosion-prevention properties address this costly problem.

ZBAR Protects Our Environment

ZBAR offers many attributes that can help designers meet the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) version 2.1 requirements for Materials and Resources Credits 4 and 5, and with the potential for additional credit points under the Innovation and Design category.

ZBAR Protects Your Legacy

Concrete is permeable and always cracks, and cracks significantly accelerate corrosion. ZBAR is an eco-friendly, self-sustaining smart system requiring no maintenance over its intended design life.

ZBAR's corrosion prevention system provides a triple line of defense against corrosion.  Its inner metalized zinc layer provides cathodic protection and its outer polymer membrance maintains anode to steel continuity during fabrication, shipment and installation and shields against high alkaline levels during concrete curing.

Accelerated lab tests indicate an estimated 100-year life span for structures using ZBAR, which is due to ZBAR's unique dual-layer design. ZBAR performs best in the harshest environments, such as marine applications or in structures that must withstand deicing salts in winter.

Protect your legacy. Specify ZBAR.